Bamboo Towels – how to extend their life

With all the talk of green and sustainable resources, Bamboo has become a very popular fiber to use in the making of Bath towels and other linens.  Bamboo may one day replace cotton as the preferred fabric for towels.

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass native to Asia that grows quickly without pesticides or fertilizer.  It can be harvested in less than two months, and the plants grow continually and spread easily, making it a very economical and earth-friendly crop.

Bamboo fibers are woven into a soft, lightweight Rayon Viscose fabric that absorbs moisture 1 ½  times quicker than cotton.  This quickness makes it ideal for bath towels.  Not only how quickly they dry you after showering or bathing, but how quickly they dry after using.  Also, Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, and this property retards mildew from developing, therefore keeping your towels smelling fresh between uses.

For added softness, some Bamboo towels also have Organic Combed Cotton in the blend of fibers.  This not only keeps these towels Hypoallergenic and biodegradable, but gives them the softness of cashmere.

Bamboo towels do come in a variety of colors, but if you are really looking for that earth-friendly towel, look for colors that are natural dyes.

You have purchased these luscious Bamboo towels, now what?


  • Step 1

Wash your towels before us use them the first time.  Machine Wash your towels in warm or cold water on the delicate cycle.  Use regular laundry detergent, and wash dark colors separately.  Because Bamboo fibers are prone to snagging, you might want to wash the towels inside a lingerie bag or pillowcase, but this isn’t necessary.  These Bamboo towels are already very soft, don’t use Fabric softeners on them, as these can coat the fabric and can clog the fibers and make them less absorbent.

  • Step 2

Tumble dry on a low setting, Bamboo towels take less time in the dryer to dry than Cotton towels, or you can hang your towels to dry.  They won’t stiffen up on the line the way cotton towels do.

  • Step 3

Inspect the dry towels periodically for snags.  When found, trim these with scissors.  It will not hurt the integrity of the towels, and regularly trimming these snags will keep the towels looking their best.


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