Should you Upgrade to Bamboo Sheets & Bedding

There is no doubt that most all of us are using 100% Cotton Sheets as they are comfortable and have been available for decades.  However, over the past 25 years, the type of cotton used for these sheets have changed from Cotton, to Combed Cotton, to Egyptian Cotton, the most popular in today’s market.

Now we are seeing Bamboo gaining popularity in the market place.  Why?  Bamboo has many qualities that cotton does.  This is a sustainable crop that requires no chemical pesticides.   It grows quickly and can be harvested in 3 to 4 years.  The Rayon fabric created from Bamboo has thermo-properties that Cotton does not have.  That means it can keep you cool in the Summer, but Warm in the Winter.  How?  Bamboo absorbs moisture 1 ½ times quicker than Cotton.  Moisture is the cause of most temperature changes when we sleep.

Now Bamboo by itself would not be the best sheet and bed linens to sleep on, that is why most manufacturers are combining this fiber with Cotton, whether Egyptian or Organic Cotton.  Cotton gives it the softness you crave while the Bamboo adds temperature control, wrinkle resistant properties, and uses no pesticides in the growing process.

Granted, these sheets will be more expensive than Egyptian Cotton, but with all the inherent properties of Bamboo, you will find they will last longer, plus you will find many more nights of comfortable sleeping.


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