Try a Duvet Cover for Easy Spring Look

400 TC Marine Blue SheetsIt is that time of year when we all look forward to the arrival of Spring and we all want that look of freshness in our homes, but don’t have the budget to remodel.  What to do?  Lucca

Why not try a duvet cover to give your bedding a new fresh look.  Duvet covers are basically a pillowcase for your comforter or blanket.  Some close using buttons, some zippers, and yet others have a fold-over flap.  You can find duvet covers in all price ranges.  For Spring cleaning, choose an inexpensive solid color to compliment the other pieces on your bed.  This gives you that fresh new look you need without needing a bankroll.    This is also a great item to spruce up that guest bedroom for last minute guests or a kids bed.

Granted Duvet Covers won’t give you that crisp, tailored look, but they will give you that inviting, comfortable, lived in look, like your favorite pair of jeans.   Afterall, your bedroom is a retreat from the stresses of the outside world.  Fresh and comfortable is what you want.  Plus, they are so easy to launder, especially ones made from the same fabric as sheets.

Inexpensive way to get freshness in your bedding, Duvet Covers.


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