Protect your Bed Pillow Investment

I see lots of articles on how to wash or launder your pillows.  However, laundering just takes the life out of the pillow, no matter what you try.  The best way to keep your pillows looking their best, is to purchase pillow covers when you buy your pillows.  This will keep the the outside looking good.

Why pillowcovers?  They provide extra protection for your pillows.  They usually have a zipper closure and go on before any pillowcases.  They are easy to remove and launder.  Much better than the pillows themselves.  They come is a variety of materials depending on what your needs are.

Featherproof are usually a tightly woven 100% Cotton, that not only protects your pillow from outside forces, but can also help to keep the feathers and or down inside the pillow.

There are nylon blends that help to reduce allergens, and even tightly woven fabrics with locking zippers to keep the bed bugs out.

Then there is just the Cotton Polyester blend which is the least expensive but over time will provide a longer life to your pillows.

Pillowcovers will help to provide protection for your pillows, as well as keep them out of the laundry.


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