Mattress Pad – the new Technology to help us sleep

We are bombarded every day with the newest technologies in cell phones, ipads, computers and other electronics.  But did you know that technology in Home products is also happening?

Take Mattress pads for instant.  In the market place today, there are mattress pads that,

  • can regulate your body’s sleeping temperature
  • is filled with EPA approved fiber that can inhibit the bacteria that causes odors as well as resist mold and mildew microorganisms
  • is overfilled with Polyester fill to give you that featherbed feel, without the feathers
  • is filled with specially created fiber to feel like down
  • has soft fiberfill with foam inner cores to give you softness, yet support
  • is waterproof with non-woven barrier cloth that is breathable and quiet
  • have a soft microfiber cover for comfort

Technology does not start and end with electronics.  Look to see what new products are out there in Home products, and find what works best for you.


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