Spring 2012’s Hottest Color Trend – Tangerine Tango

We have seen this color everywhere in the advertising community.   It can be a very bold color when used by itself, but is very complimentary when mixed with other colors, such as Bellflower, Driftwood, Cockatoo, and Margerite Green.  But how do we bring it into our Home Decor?  Here are a few suggestions.

Here, La Selva byThomasville at Home has a little Tangerine mixed with Solar Power (yellowgold) and Margerite green, and it brings the lushness of the tropical forest into your bedroom.

Not ready to do an entire bedroom?  Then maybe go for some accent pieces like a new shower curtain for your bath, or decorative throw pillows.  Here are a couple of examples

 Canyon/Cayenne            Mojave/Green

Decorative Pillows from Creative Home Furnishings

Nature Study by Creative Bath

These products not only have the Tangerine Tango  color but are mixed with other choices within the spring 2012 pallet.


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