Bringing out your Home Style the Easy Way

Every day we see ads on Television, in newspapers, magazines, Facebook and Twitter showing lovely and exciting bedrooms and living rooms.  Some rooms are very minimalistic, while others are stuffed full of pattern and colors.

Now we have Pinterest with pictures of just about everything, and yes more bedrooms and living rooms.  As shown here.

How do we go about turning our average rooms in our homes to look more like the visuals we are seeing daily, but yet on the budget most of us are living under due to the current economy?

One of the easiest ways to help you change your look in your rooms is by replacing or adding decorative throw pillows.

Whether you want a look of Rustic Lodge, Southwestern, Western, Coastal or more traditional, there are decorative throw pillows that can help you achieve these looks.

Or maybe you already have a look that uses Animal prints, that has been around for some time, and you want to add to that look.  Then there is always solid colors to mix in with your over abundance of prints.

When you think of decorative throw pillows, you think of the pillows you would normally find on a couch, which are around a 17 x 17 size, but now there are many patterns available in a larger 26 x 26 size, which could easily be used instead of European shams to spruce up your existing bedding ensemble or give the finishing touch to a new ensemble.  They are also a great choice for kids to use on the floor, while watching TV, playing games, or working on their computers/ipads.

The newest size to come into style, is the 13 x 26 sizes, which can add some pop of pattern/color to chairs, without being an overstatement, and could give you additional support for your lower back area when sitting.

Depending on what you are looking for, throw pillows can cost a minimal amount to an expensive amount.  That all depends on the materials used in the making of the pillows, and whether there is a lot of detail, such as embroidery, fringes and braids, or appliquéd pieces.

When you are ready to add throw pillows to your home, consider the way they will be used, such as floor pillows for kids, or completing your bedroom ensemble, then start shopping for the look you are trying to achieve, and you will find something to fit your budget.


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