Sateen Weave Sheets – are they the Best for You?

Conversations abound when it comes to buying sheets and thread counts.  However, an important component to purchasing sheets is the type of weave.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a customer regarding what makes for a softer feeling sheet.  She had just purchased some Egyptian Sateen Sheets with a 300 Thread count, but felt that they were not that soft, and wanted to know why.

I explained that Sateen weave, which is different than Satin, has become the popular weave for sheets as it was less expensive to produce, plus will be extremely soft.  However, because most of the threads are on the surface some people are sensitive to this and the sheet could feel rough to their skin.  Also, this weave makes the sheets less durable, and is more apt to pill and tear than a plain or percale weave.

She asked what other options were available.  I told her that if she likes the Sateen look of the sheets, then she should look for sheets made from fabric that was woven in European or Middle Eastern countries, as their technology makes a better fabric than what comes from Asia.   Granted those sheets will be more expensive than the Asian produced sheets, but you end up with a better product.  However if she wasn’t sold on Sateen, then look for Cotton Percale sheets (yes, these are still available).   Again, these are more expensive, but will become softer over time, plus the weave is more durable and there is less threads on the surface, so has a smoother feel.

The other option I told her about was to go with a Bamboo blend.  The rayon fabric from the Bamboo is woven together with cotton, and creates a very soft hand, plus is more durable than cotton.

Have more questions regarding sheets?  Give us your comments below



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