Bring Color into your Bath with Towels

Towels can easily compliment what you have done so far to your bath.  If you have used a decorative shower curtain, this will help guide you in what colors would be best to use.  Most likely you will use more than one color that compliment each other and coordinate with the shower curtain.  If you do not have a shower curtain, then color of the towels will become the focal point of your bath.

Towels come in a variety of cotton,

From top (expensive) to bottom (inexpensive).  The higher on the list, the more softer and absorbent the cotton.

Towels should be the one item to splurge with on your list.  They are what you use on your body everyday, and you should have the feeling of a big fluffy towel to retain heat and absorb water when you step out of the shower or bath.  Many of these towels come in a variety of colors.   Some towels have texture, while others have a decorative dobby border.   Some companies have also started to use the better cottons in more decorative jacquard style towels to give you the option to add design to your bath with towels.

Most solid color towels will come with a matching Bath Mat, which is basically a double thick towel to use when stepping out of the Shower or Bath.  This helps protect your floor from the water dripping off of your body.

Have comments or other ideas regarding towels let us know, using the comment button below.


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