Bringing a Pop of Color to your Bath with Shower Curtains

You want a pop of color in your bath, but you are on a limited budget.   Depending on the style of your bath, you can add color with a shower Curtain.  It all depends on the style of your bath and the look you want to achieve. 

Shower Curtains can get expensive, so shop around, find your style, and remember your budget.  If you cannot find what you want in a ready made shower curtain, then maybe you should look for an inexpensive twin flat sheet that gives you the look you want.   If you are a seamstress at heart, then all you need to do is lay a shower curtain liner over the flat sheet and mark where the buttonholes need to go.  If you don’t know how to sew a stitch, then check with your local dry cleaner or tailor to do this for you.  Whatever you choose, make sure to have a liner, whether vinyl, plastic, or nylon to protect your shower curtain, plus keep the water inside the shower/tub and off the floor.

To finish the look of your shower curtain, you will need hooks.  You can get inexpensive plastic hooks in many colors, or you can look for decorative hooks which are metal and tend to be more expensive, but last longer.

Have more questions or ideas regarding shower curtains?  Give us your comments below.


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