gallery Bath Accessories – bringing color to your Bath

There are Bath rugs available with some solid color towels.  You can either purchase in the same color as your towels, or if there are none available, you can look for another style that has a color that coordinates with your towels and/or shower curtain.

Still haven’t found what you need, to give you that look, then it is time to look at adding some Bath accessories, provided it does not go over your budget.   There are Soap Dishes, Lotion Dispensers, Tissue Box Holders, Toothbrush Holders, etc.  With some Shower Curtains, there maybe coordinate pieces you can purchase to complete your look.  Otherwise, you can look for solid color pieces, or there are many other decorative styles, using mirrors, glass, stone, and other natural materials.  Try to use materials that compliment the existing faucets and other trims throughout the bath.  If needed replace those items to update your bath as well.

Have more questions or ideas regarding Bath Accessories? Give us your comments below.


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