Sheets & Dust Mites

Over the past few weeks I have written articles regarding microorganisms in our mattress pads and bed pillows, but what about our sheets?

I just recently read an article about dust mites and the odd relationship we have with them.  These microscopic creatures feed on the skin we shed.  And as we sleep, thin layers of our skin die and fall off creating an environment where dust mites thrive.  They are not parasites, nor do they bite us.  They are content with the dead skin we shed.  This odd relationship can be seen as mutually beneficial except so many people are actually allergic to their feces and their tiny body fragments are components of dust and are the actual allergen, and this affects many people especially those with asthma.

What does dust mites have to do with our sheets?  This is where they reside to consume our dead skin that sloughs off during our sleep.  Granted we can’t all wash our sheets, every day like Hotels do, but if you launder your sheets a minimum of once a week in water of 77 degrees or higher using regular detergent, it will slow down the amount of dust mites in your life, as their life span is 3 to 4 weeks.

Summer months are worse than Winter months as they like temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees.  And when we sweat, it becomes an even more inviting environment.  So if you can, try to keep temperatures in your bedroom below 60 degrees and reduce the humidity as much as possible.  This will slow them down, possibly kill them off.

If this has now creeped you out, then this would be a good excuse to go stay at that luxury hotel you have been wanting to go to.

Have any questions or comments regarding sheets, leave your comment below.


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