2 Must Have Luxury Home Linens

Recently, I read an article regarding the 3 Luxury Items Every Home Needs.

It mentions,

Mirrors – properly positioned can bring more light to a room, plus give it a larger feeling.

3DTV – will be the newest item craze for years to come.

Music Player – every home needs a great stereo system to breath life into the home.

Granted these items are great and help with the resale of a home, but what about the luxury items the home owner should indulge in while living in the home?

Like towels, not just any old towels, but high quality towels are a must.  You want to feel soft, absorbent towels wrapped around you when you step out of that shower or bath.  Turkish cotton is a great quality cotton for towels and can be found most everywhere.

Sheets would be the next thing on that list, afterall, approximately 1/3 of our lives are spent in bed.  Again, high-quality should be considered when purchasing sheets.  As mention in previous posts, thread count is not the most import thing.  In Europe, they have never used that term, and that’s where the finest sheets come from.  Thread count is really more of a marketing thing in the United  States.

Sheets are more about the quality of the cotton and the quality of the weave.  Need more information on weave, click here.  They should feel very, very smooth.  Next time you are shopping for sheets, look to see what kind of cotton was used, and see what country it was made in.  Still not sure, open up the package at the store, run your finger along the sheet to see how tight the weave is.  If you can see through the weave, the sheet is not well made and it’s going to pill.

If you have other questions or ideas regarding Home Linens, please comment below.


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