Sleep – Nature’s Beauty Secret

Disneyland_2012-02-14_Princess_and_Princesses_bRecently read an article written by Shelby Freedman Harris, Psy.D.  for, in the sleep section of the Huffington Post.

It said, we know about the benefits a good night’s sleep….better memory, attention, concentration and a reduced risk of health issues such as heart attacks and strokes.  Sleep can also improve our mood…it makes us more energetic and allows us a better outlook on life.  But in addition to all those benefits that sleep gives us to live productive lives, it also is the key to feeling and looking youthful.

More Attractive to Others – Results of a study done in 2010 by a group of Swedish investigators, found that when 65 untrained observers looked at photos of people with normal 8 hours sleep vs those same subjects kept awake 31 hours or more, that the later photos appeared to be less healthy, attractive and more tired.  

Weight Controlsleep helps you manage your weight. If you sleep more, you’ll find it easier to lose weight and will even have more energy to exercise. It is also commonly accepted now that exercise helps us feel younger both physically and mentally.

Glowing Skin – Skin grows a lot in our sleep. We develop nearly 30 times more skin while asleep than when awake.  The skin of a healthy sleeper is more elastic, supple and taut.

Develop New Talents – Our mind and bodies learn new things while we sleep.  Pulling an all-nighter doesn’t work if you don’t get sleep.  Sleep can help solidify the material in your brain.  But it’s just not brain cells that benefit from sleep, but also our muscles, ligaments, and tissues, which can help us physically moved through our day.  So learn some new dance moves.

Increase your own “Youth” hormones – human growth hormone (HGH) has its highest production during slow-wave sleep. HGH is a key player in keeping us looking young even after we’ve finished growing. Sleep more, and you’ll likely increase your HGH levels.

Consistently getting one or two fewer hours of sleep per night can have a long-term damaging effects or our bodies and minds.  Putting sleep at the bottom of your “to-do” list can make it harder for you to look and feel your best.  Taking care of yourself, including getting enough sleep, will allow you to take care of everyone else around you, plus crossing off all the other “to-dos” on your list.

Make sleep a priority and you’ll look and feel a whole lot younger.


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