How to find Soft & Fluffy Towels for your Family

With so many types of towels on the market today, how do you decide what is going to be soft and fluffy for your household.

Kassadesign Egyptian Cotton Towels by Kassatex

Some companies will say Egyptian cotton is the best, which in most cases will be good towels, but if the price looks to be extremely cheap, then chances are the Egyptian cotton used is short staple, twisted cotton.  Basically, the discarded parts of the long staple Egyptian cotton used to produce higher quality towels.

All American Supima Cotton Towels by Calcot

Supima cotton which is grown in the Southwest USA is very comparable to Egyptian cotton, as it has that long staple, which gives a towel durability and softness.  These towels are of a good quality, and are a great value for the money.

If you are looking for higher quality towels, take a look at Turkish Cotton towels.  Cotton grown in Turkey is a very

Elegance Turkish Cotton Towels by Kassatex

long staple, and towels made using this cotton are usually produced within the country, where they have skilled workers and higher standards when it comes to making towels.  These towels are more expensive, but you will find them to be soft and fluffy, plus will last a long time, making your purchase a great value.

If you want even softer towels, then look for towels made of Mesopotamian cotton, which is a specific region of Turkey that grows superior extra long staple cotton.  There will not be a great selection of towels on the market using this cotton – as it is limited.

Your family deserves a towel that they look forward to wrapping themselves in after that shower or bath.


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