Ready to outfit your Bedroom? How to avoid costly mistakes.

With Back to School happening and advertisements everywhere, showing how to outfit a dorm room for your student.  It got me to thinking about the other bedrooms throughout your house.

Before you head out to the bed linens store, you need to take your tape measure and measure your mattress.  Granted you know that you purchased a queen or king mattress, but do you know how deep it is?  It is also wise to know the width & length of the mattress as well.  Also, if you are looking to add a bedskirt to your look, make sure to measure from the top of your boxspring (bottom mattress) to the floor to know what length of skirt you will need to look for.

These measurements will guide you in what linens will fit your mattress properly, whether it is the mattress pad, sheets,a comforter or coverlet.  It is most important to choose fitted sheets and mattress pads that most closely match the measurements you have taken.

Flat sheet measurements do not matter, as they are usually tucked in.  However, if you are purchasing sheet sets, check the size of the cases within the package, as Twin, XL Twin, Full, and Queen will usually have Standard/Queen cases measuring 20” x 30”.  King and California King sets will have Kings cases measuring 20” x 36”.  If you need extra cases for your queen or king beds, make sure the sets you are purchasing are offered in extra pillowcases.

If you are in the market for a new comforter or coverlet, then some addition will come in handy to make sure you get the right fit.  What I am referring to is add up the width of the bed plus the depth of the bed twice, this will give you the measurement you will need to keep in mind when shopping for a comforter or coverlet.  One that will come down to the top of your boxspring to give you that complete look when using a coordinating bedskirt.

If you purchase a comforter, whether down or synthetic, note the actual size of the comforter, not just Twin, Full, Full/Queen, Queen, or King.  But rather the actual measurements – which will help to you to find the best fitting comforter or duvet cover.  When there is better fit between the cover and the comforter, there will be less slippage.

Are you also looking for a blanket to help reduce your energy during the Winter months?  Make sure to get one that will fit underneath your comforter/coverlet (doesn’t show).  Again use your measurements and compare to the product.

Now you have found that perfect bedding ensemble with comforter and or coverlet, the bedskirt is the right length for your bed what else do you need?  Most bed in the bags or bedding ensembles are sold in sets, which includes the comforter, bedskirt and shams.  Some just have standard or king shams, but others also come with European shams.  Do you have pillows to fill those shams?

Use of this information when shopping for bed linens will save you valuable time and gas.


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