Don’t fill up Landfills with your Old Bed Pillows.

I have put out several articles regarding replacing your bed pillows the past several months, but what to do with the old pillows?  We certainly don’t want them filling up landfills.

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Use the stuffing of the pillows to re-stuff a child’s stuffed animal, or make a new one.
  2. Use the stuffing or the whole pillow to re-fluff your pet’s bed.
  3. Use the whole pillow to re-stuff cushions on a couch, or refill throw pillows that aren’t as fluffy as when you purchased them.
  4. Instead of using newspaper to fill out window valances, us the stuffing from the bed pillows
  5. Make your house more festive at the holidays by using the stuffing as artificial snow.
  6. The stuffing would also make great packing material for shipping holiday packages.
  7. If you have small pets like hamsters – the stuffing could be used in their cages
  8. Homeless shelters can always use gently used pillows.
  9. Animal shelters could use the really used, but clean pillows, for beds for their residing animals.
  10. Still not sure what to do with these used bed pillows?  Check out the site as they are always looking for used items to reuse or recycle into projects.

Just remember to wash & dry your bed pillows before reusing or recycling.  Synthetic bed pillows can easily be laundered in your own washer and dryer.  As for Down & Feather bed pillows, you may have to take them to a professional.


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