Bringing Nature into your Home

La Selva Natural by Thomasville at Home

I just finished reading an article from Tom Jacobs “Immersion In Nature Makes Us Nicer”, regarding how being in nature or surrounded by plants or artworks depicting nature helps decrease stress in individuals.

Even though this article was written in 2009, I believe it still holds some merit, and if you are looking for a stressfree living environment, then you should look through your home.  Do you have a greenthumb, and have plants throughout your house including your bedroom?  If you don’t have a greenthumb, do you bring other things into your home that depicts nature, such as artwork, photos, throw pillows, or actual pieces of nature like seashells, driftwood, pinecones, etc.

Do you take those nature type items and create a focal point so you can use that as a retreat from the outside world?  It is suggested that this focus on nature, brings us closer to others, while man-made type environments can lead to selfish or self-interested ends.

Pinecone Branch Embroidered Towels by KLI Home Design

In fact, Frank Lloyd Wright’s concept of bringing the outside inside may not just be a prescription for aesthetic beauty, but also for peaceful coexistence.

Still not sure, how to bring some nature into your home?  How about adding some new bedding like  La Selva Natural or some embroidered Pinecone towels.

Have other ideas about bring Nature into your home?  Please comment below.


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