As you clean and organize that linen closet, have a plan for reusing, donating, or recycling those used items.

Get Organized. Get Simple.

My last blog entry was on laundry, it does seem most people struggle to keep up and get it done.  Lately, it has been linens that I have been helping clients with.  Do towels reproduce?  How do we end up with 30 pillowcases?

Like anything else; towels, sheets and blankets must be gone through, culled and maintained.  This doesn’t have to be a yearly thing unless you are a sheet hoarder.  Most of us every 2-3 years get some new towels, sheets or both depending on need or a good sale or a change up in décor.

The best solution is to let the old ones go as soon as the new ones come in.  You would never have to do a major go through if this is the case.  But, if that isn’t being done, going through and taking out the ratty or old ones has to be done.

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