Home Décor – favorite vacation

I have been reading a lot of articles & blogs regarding color in your home.

One article talks about bringing the memories of your vacation to life within your home.  They suggest looking through your vacation photos and finding colors that will help you relive that trip.  Use those colors to bring that feeling to one corner of your home.   Whether this space is painted in those colors, or you just put together an area depicting your time away with photos in frames of those colors and souvenirs brought back.  Make this space your own little retreat away from home.

La Selva Natural Bedding Ensemble by Thomasville at Home

Need more inspiration to bring your favorite vacation into your home.  Was your trip to an island somewhere that has lighter, more pastel colors where lots of foliage abound?  How about changing out your bedding ensemble to give you that feeling?

Was your favorite trip to a secluded cabin to spend time with Nature?  Maybe a few throw pillows in your living room will help recreate that special time.

River Trail Wine Throw Pillow by Creative Home Furnishings

Whatever is your favorite vacation there are ways to help bring that feeling into your home, so you can relive those memories throughout the year.

Have any questions or ideas, please comment below.


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