Duvet Covers – the pillowcase for your Comforter

For years, the Europeans have used Duvets, which are what we call comforters here is the USA.  These duvets can be filled with Down, Down/Feathers, Silk, Wool, or Polyester filling.  And to keep them in good shape, they use covers on them that can easily be laundered.

Letto Basics Duvet Covers by Kassatex

The duvet cover can be made from many different fabrics, whether basic sheeting fabrics that can match sheets, pillowcases, and bedskirts, to heavier custom fabrics.  They can be simple to very elaborate.

British Plaid Duvet Cover by Lee Wilder Bedwear

They can be finished with buttons or zippers to make it easier to encase the duvet/comforter or to remove for cleaning.

When purchasing a duvet cover, make sure to get one that is the same measurement as the width & length of the comforter you want to cover.   That way you will get the best fit, with less chances of the comforter insert to slip around.

Duvet covers are also an inexpensive way to change your bedroom décor without costing as much as a new comforter.  Plus duvet covers do not take up a lot of storage space making it much easier to have several looks for your bedroom, such as one look for Winter and a lighter fabric and look for Summer.

Talking about Summer – comforters can sometimes get too hot, but you can use the duvet cover for blankets.  Giving you the look you want, but not all the warmth.

Protect your comforter investment, purchase a duvet cover today.

Have any questions or ideas, please leave us your comment.



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