Lower Your Utility Bill while saving a Landfill

Each Winter we see our Energy bills rising, whether it is due to colder temperatures or Utility Companies raising their rates, or both.

Are you one of those consumers always looking for a way to be able to turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees at night to save energy, but also want to make sure your bed is snuggly warm and comfortable, without spending more than you save?

Look at the way your bed is made up.  I would suggest an extra blanket or two.  They are an easy addition or subtraction depending on your body’s needs.  They are also good to use on the couch or chair when reading, watching TV, or just working on your laptop.

RI Solid Color Zero Waste Blanket made exclusively for Kellsson Home Linens

Blankets make sense to reduce your utility bill, but how does it save a Landfill?  Blankets that are made from Recycled Pre-Consumer Fiber uses other manufacturers textile scraps melted down and woven into blankets with Thermal properties and softness.  Each of these blankets represent over 7 pounds of textile material that does not end up in a landfill.   This technology has been around for over two decades in blanket throws, but in recent years have started making bed blankets in solid colors.

Have a question regarding these blankets, please comment below.


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