Bring Sunshine into your Home

There have been many articles written about “Yellow.”   Why?  Why not?   Yellow invokes a feeling of sunshine, brightness, and happiness.

The Winter season is fast approaching and the days are growing shorter.  With that, we need more light within our lives.   I am not talking about increasing our energy use, and increasing our utility bills, but rather to bring in some yellow into our homes and offices to give us that feeling of sunshine and light.  To brighten our days and lighten our moods through the Winter doldrums.

Some articles suggest painting a room with yellow, but that can become very tricky.  If you have a room with a large window looking out on green foliage, the yellow on your walls could turn a yellowish green.   Painting yellow on all walls of a room can become very overwhelming, unless it is a soft, buttery yellow.  If you want to paint a room yellow, try a small sample and look at it for several days in many different lights to make sure you can live with it.

Another way to bring some yellow into your home is using some home linen products, like towels, shower curtains, sheets, blanket throws, tablecloths or placemats.  In your office, use picture frames that are painted yellow or put plants in a yellow colored planter, to brighten your space.

Have questions or ideas regarding bringing yellow into your home, leave us your comment below.


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