Winterize your Home with Warmth Producing Linens

The first day of Autumn was Saturday, and just yesterday I find myself filling cracks within the brick walls of our home, while my partner was filling in spaces around our windows with new caulk, and all the while surveying the rest of our home, on what must be done before winter to help keep our energy bills down.

That got me to thinking about the inside of my home and what things we can do to help us lower our energy bills.

Did you know that by lowering your thermostat, just 1 degree, according to The Energy Information Administration, a division of the United States Department of Energy estimates that you can lower your heating bill by $ 33 per month.   Just imagine that is approximately $ 150 one could save in about 5 months time.

If you could reduce your thermostat 3 degrees that could add up to almost $ 500.

RI Solid Color Zero Waste Blanket made exclusively for Kellsson Home Linens

Okay,  you have decided to lower the thermostat, now what?  How do you keep the warmth and comfort in your home?  Watching TV, reading, working on your laptop or texting on your new I-phone, wrap up in a blanket or blanket throw.

In the bed, add another blanket, or comforter (synthetic or down) to keep the chill out.  Or look into changing out your mattress pad to one with temperature adjusting properties.

Snow White Down Comforters by Down, Inc.

Yes, these items cost some money at first, but with proper care, can last several years.  A good down comforter with proper care, can last up to 10 years.  Just imagine $ 5000 saved over the life of a good down comforter.

Have other ideas to keep comfort in your home, please comment below.


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