Create Coziness using Comforters, Blankets and other Warm Bed Coverings

Fall is here and just tonight the Weatherperson was suggesting snow in the forecast in the next few days, so Winter will quickly be here.  Now is the time to assess your bed linens and decide what you need to be ready to lower your thermostat at night, but stay cozy while you sleep.

We have recently added new products to our website that can help you with this issue.

Our Cashmere Soft Bed Blankets are of 50% Acrylic/50% Cotton.  Soft, yet easy care.  Available in Twin, Queen, and King, in fashionable colors to match your decor, such as Burnt Ochre, Celeste Blue, Creme, Cafe, and Laurel.

Want something warmer?   How about a Down Comforter?  Our Snow White Down comforter with boxstitch might be what you are looking for.

Have allergies?  Then we recommend our Alpine Synthetic Down Comforters.

Using a comforter, we suggest to cover them with a duvet cover.  Check out our selection by clicking here.

Need more ideas or have suggestions.  Comment below.


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