Extend the Life of your Towels with Common Products in your Kitchen

Just the other day, I had a customer tell me that her towels have a sour smell to them, and didn’t want to buy new towels, as she was concerned they would do the same thing.

I told her to wash her current towels in a tub of warm water, but instead of laundry detergent, add a cup of white vinegar.  Then proceed as usual.  The vinegar should help remove that sour smell within a cycle or two.

Kassadesign Towels in Chocolate

This is an inexpensive way to extend the life of your towels.  We also recommend using a cup of White Vinegar or a cup of Salt to launder dark colored towels before using.  This step will help set the dye of the color, plus slow down the fading (looking old) of the towel color.

There are many other uses for these 2 items, as well as baking soda when it comes to cleaning your home, inexpensively.    “Another Cheap and Green Way to Clean….With Salt!”  is an article from 719woman.com and you can click here to read more uses for these items.

Have other questions regarding Bed & Bath Linens, please comment below.


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