Sheets – Do you get what you Pay For?

Day in and day out many of our customers express their feelings regarding the price of our sheets.

So many think that they can get a great set (includes flat, fitted, and pillowcases) of sheets for under $ 50.  Too many times those same customers come back complaining about those inexpensive sheets they purchased elsewhere.  In fact, I just read an article from the Today Show website about sheets.  It said, “No sheet set that costs $50 or less will feel the same as luxury sheets with prices as high as their thread counts. But that doesn’t mean you or your guests should sleep on scratchy sheets that slither off the corners of the bed.”  Click here to read the entire article.

There are a variety of sheets in the market place today.  Everyone seems to be looking for that magic, the special touch that creates a bed that beckons you to return night after night.

Letto Basics Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets & Duvet Covers by Kassatex


The most popular and price competitive sheets are Sateen sheets.  Those have the shiny finish to them.  Most of the threads are on top of the sheets to create that luster, but for the sensitive skin-type, can be rough feeling.

Tribeka Sateen Sheets with Embroidery by Kassatex

These are available in primarily solid colors, but there are some decorative sateen sheets on the market for a more custom-look to your bedroom.


We find that many of our customers want percale sheets.  These are still all cotton, but woven differently.  The threads are evenly dispersed between the top and bottom, giving the sheet more durability.  Granted the sheet may feel a little stiffer out of the package, but with laundering over time, will be softer and cozy.  These are more difficult to find in the market place, and when we do find something, it will be of higher pricing than the the sateens.


Bamboo/Organic Cotton Sheets Sets by Kassatex

However, the one style of sheet that feels like percale after it has been washed, but more afforadable is sheets using bamboo.  Bamboo is a sustainable fabric, and the way it is woven makes the fabric soft and smooth, yet durable.  One benefit of bamboo is that it absorbs moisture 1 1/2 times quicker than cotton, therefore giving you a more comfortable night’s rest.  The second benefit of bamboo is it wrinkles less than cotton, another complaint we here regarding sheets.

Just remember when it comes to sheet sets – you do get what you paid for.

It is better to purchase a higher quality set of sheets, even if will cost you more money.  That money will be well spent.

Many of us don’t have time to be shopping for sheets every few months, because the last ones fell apart, or just don’t feel right.  Plus we find that a good set of sheets should last about 3 years (if you only have 1 set) with weekly laundering.  Think of the money you could save.

If you purchase a new set of Queen sheets every 6 months, that would add up to $ 300 (if you only spent $ 50 each time) in 3 years.  Chances are you can find a decent set that would hold up for 3 years and pay around $ 150-$ 200.   Not only are you saving the investment on a set of sheets, but the time and gas spent shopping for sheets.

One less thing to think about when you are trying to go to sleep.

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