Saving the Planet – One Thread, One Bottle at a Time

So many companies are working on ways to recycle pre & post consumer product, to create fashion products for the home and in apparel.

RI Solid Color Zero Waste Blanket made exclusively for Kellsson Home Linens

Ramatex International has been using scrap materials from all over the world to bring to their facilities in Mexico where they separate the materials into fabric types, then color types.  From there the Acrylic and Polyester are woven into our RI Solid blankets in Ivory and Linen.

Recently I read an article from Living Green Magazine by Stephanie Libo, and she writes about what is happening in the Apparel industry and companies using recycles.

For many American “fashionistas,” wearing plastic water bottles, yogurt cups, and butter tubs does not necessarily scream “cutting edge fashion.” But for some apparel companies committed to saving the environment, these items represent the future in eco-friendly fashion.

Eco-fi, Patagonia and REKIXX are only a few out of the increasing number of green clothing companies setting out to make a difference by incorporating recycled and recyclable materials into their merchandise.  To read the entire article, click here.

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