Warm Your Nights with Luxurious Soft Blankets

Winter is here for some of us, especially towards the East Coast thanks to Superstorm Sandy, and with that the thoughts of colder nights and how to stay warm without blowing the utility budget comes to mind.

Cashmere Soft by DownTown Company

We all think about a cozy soft blanket for our beds, or a throw to wrap up in while watching TV, or reading a books, but again we want something that fits into our budget, plus offers some color choices.

Bamboo Blankets by DownTown Company

DownTown Company offers 2 blankets at affordable prices, made in Portugal.

Cashmere Soft is an Acrylic/Cotton Blend in 6 colors while Bamboo is a Cotton/Bamboo Blend in 7 colors.

Both blankets are finished with a knitted binding, are easy care, and offer throw size as well as Bed Blankets.

RI Solid Color Zero Waste Blanket made exclusively for Kellsson Home Linens

If these blankets are still out of your price range – check our RI Solid Acrylic Blanket, which gives great warmth, plus helps the Earth as this is made from pre-consumer recycled fibers.

Have questions regarding our blankets, please comment below.


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