Save Energy, but Keeping Warm using Alternative Down Comforters

Many of us would like to have a Down comforter on our beds, not only for the warmth, but the look as well.  However many of us don’t have the budget for down, or have allergies that the down may irritate.

We have a couple of options when it comes to alternative Down filled comforters.

Alpine Comforter by DownTown Company

Alpine is our most affordable.  Filled with polyester microfiber which is an extremely fine fiber that simulates the feel and lofty properties of down.  It is suitable for those sensitive down and is machine washable.

Jade Lyocell/Tencel Comforter by DownTown Company

Jade Lyocell/Tencel®  is filled with Lyocell/Tencel fiber which is a pure natural fiber extracted from wood cellulose in an environmentally friendly process and offers the sensuous feeling of silk charmeuse.  This fiber offers moisture control and temperature regulation characteristics, absorbing more moisture than cotton and having a cooling effect when temperatures are hot and a warming effect when it;s cold – ensuring maximum comfort.

Remember when choosing one of these comforters please purchase a duvet cover to protect it, reduce laundering and increasing it’s life.

Have a question on our comforters please comment below.




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