White Towels are not Always the Best Choice

Our most popular post talks about what causes towels to discolor, click here to read post, and to many that means that White is the way to go for towels.  But that is not necessarily the case.  White has some issues as well.

People assume that they can just bleach White towels to keep them clean, but over time, Bleach will eat away at the Cotton fibers leaving small holes within the towels.  Also if you purchased towels that were soft in the beginning, Bleach will reduce that softness over time.

If you do not wash your White towels in Hot Water, the color will become dingy, grey looking.  They can also become tinted if washed with other colors, or rust from pipes that come into the washer during the washing process.  We have also seen water supplies get comtaminated causing color issues on White towels.

What to do?  We recommend adding an oxygen booster to your laundry detergent to boost the cleaning power, instead of using Bleach, this is much gentler to the towels.  Plus always wash in hot water.  This should retain or renew the beautiful white color of your towels, plus increase the longevity of your towels.

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