Sleep Well in 2013

I have written articles about sleep, but this seems to be a subject that is on everyone’s mind, and not just here is the USA, but worldwide.

I just read an article today saying, “Sleep is one of the keys to all-round good health. A recent study suggests that Britain’s obesity crisis could be getting worse because people are not getting enough sleep. A poor night’s rest can increase the levels of hormones that make us crave more fatty and sugary foods, according to research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.”  Click here to read entire article.

Our health is very dependent on our quality of sleep and important factors in creating an ideal environment is,

The New Year is coming up shortly.  If you are one to make New Year’s Resolutions, then maybe this year would be a good time to resolved that 2013 will be the year of creating good sleeping habits.

Have questions, please post your comments below.



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