Pointers for buying Down Comforters

Are you in the market for a new Down comforter?  Whether replacing an existing one, or just deciding to upgrade.

BoxstitchThere can be a lot of confusion when purchasing a new Down comforter.  How can one find a good Down comforter that is right for them at a reasonable price?

  1. All Comforters are not created equal – there are many in the market place that are designed to meet a retailers price point, and not a consumers need.
  2. Country that the Down Comforters was manufactured in – European and USA produce better quality, and the cleaning and sanitizing of down and feathers is regulated.
  3. Good quality Down Comforters will say European and Hungarian White Goose Down – this ensures the geese are bred, raised, and well taken care of just for the purpose of harvesting their down and feathers – which is done by hand.  These birds are protected in these regions and are not harmed in any way, making it safer and animal friendly.
  4. Do not look for a heavy comforter, as this says more feathers, less down.
  5. Look for the fill power (loft & warmth of down) number.  The higher the number, the warmer the comforter.

Remember that the best way to clean a down comforter is to hang it outside, much like the Europeans do.  Sunshine and fresh air are the best cleaners for Down Comforters.  Dry cleaning is the 2nd best choice for cleaning.  It is best not to wash your Down Comforter, as it requires a front-loading commercial size washer, but special detergents to use.

Dalyan-Comforter-EnsembleThe best way to keep your Down Comforter clean, is to purchase a duvet or comforter cover at the same time.  This is simply a pillowcase for your Comforter, and allows you to clean the cover without touching the Comforter, thus increasing the life of your Down comforter.

Down Comforters can be a great value, provided you find the right one for you and your family, plus protect them with a decorative duvet cover.

Have questions, please comment below.


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