Make a Cozy Bed With These Bedding Tips

Baby, it’s cold outside, as the song goes… and there’s nowhere better to cuddle up on a cold night than in a warm bed.

But, just how to achieve a warm bed without creating a overheated environment is a delicate balance for each sleeper.

Start with the mattress pad.  There are several options in the market today.  You can go with a natural fill, such as wool or silk.  ISO Cool Mattress Pad by CarpenterBoth of these fills naturally absorb moisture and therefore keep you comfortable through the night.  One of the newest mattress pads available is the ISO Cool product from Carpenter Company.  This is made using a NASA fabrication that has cells within the material that sense when you are warm and move that excess heat into the cells, only to release it when it senses your body temperature is cooling down.

Bamboo Sheets BeddingGranted a lot of us own flannel sheets as that suggests coziness, but these are mostly all cotton, or a blend of some sort, but these get warm and retain moisture, making us warmer and uncomfortable.  Try sheets made with bamboo.  Bamboo tends to wick moisture at 1½ times quicker than cotton, keeping you more comfortable through-out the night.

We aren’t done yet.  Now is the time to switch your cotton blankets for Bamboo blend blankets.  Just like the sheets they wick away moisture making your night more comfortable, but are much softer than Wool, our other suggestion for blankets.

Jade Lyocell/Tencel Comforter by DownTown Company

Now for the top of the bed.  Comforters are filled with a variety fibers.  Stick with natural fibers such as Down, Wool, Silk, or Lyocell/Tencel®.  The Lyocell/Tencel® is a fiber extracted from wood cellulose which offers moisture and temperature control, like the silk and wool fibers do.   And with the variety of Down Comforters there is sure to be one that fits your needs.

The snow will soon be flying, so what do you need to do to get your bed coziness and warm?

Post your comments below.


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