Give your Bath new life with a Shower Curtain.

Giardino SC Spa Blue
Kassatex Shower Curtains

With the New Year starting soon, are you planning out what you would like to get done around your house to give it new life? Is your bathroom one of those projects? Now, not all of us have Trump’s budget, and therefore need to do it ourselves. Where to start?

A budget is always the first thing to look at. A new coat of paint will lift the look of your Bath, and is relatively inexpensive if you’re handy with a paint brush. If painting is not your thing, or you are renting or leasing your place, then that may not be the thing to do right now.

Creative Bath Shower Curtains
Creative Bath Shower Curtains

Another inexpensive way to add life to your bath is with a new shower curtain. Now some shower curtains can get quite expensive, but there are lines like Creative Bath, Kassatex as well as Thomasville at Home that offer shower curtains in a variety of looks, and most are priced under $ 100. Look around as there are many choices to choose from. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can convert a twin flat sheet in a shower. If you are a seamstress at heart, then all you need to do is lay a shower curtain liner over the flat sheet and mark where the buttonholes need to go. If you don’t know how to sew a stitch, then check with your local tailor or dry cleaner for someone that can do this for you.

Thomasville at Home Shower Curtain
Thomasville at Home Shower Curtain

Whatever you choose, make sure to have a liner, whether, vinyl, plastic, polyester, or nylon to protect your shower curtain, plus keep the water inside the shower/tub and off the floor.

To finish the look of your new shower curtain, you will need hooks. You can get inexpensive plastic hooks in many colors, or you can look for decorative hooks which are metal and tend to be more expensive, but last longer.

Have questions, regarding shower curtains? Please comment below.


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