How to Accessorize your Bath

With so many choices on the market today of bath accessories, where do you start?

Begin by looking at your bathroom and evaluating what you need to achieve the look you want.  Do you have shower doors or not.  If not, then a shower curtain would be the first place to start.  This becomes the focal point of your bath and the look you want.  It helps determine what color of towels and rugs will go into your bath, plus what kind of accessories you may want to finish the look.  Have more questions on shower curtains, check out “Give your Bath new Life with a Shower Curtain,” for more information.

Growers Towels by CalCot

Once that is decided, then it is onto the towels.  Type of Cotton Towel is very important, but so is the color of the towel, when it comes to creating a look.  If possible, take the shower curtain with you when purchasing towels, that way you can determine what color would look best with your shower curtain.

Now that you have the towels, what about the floor?  Do the towels you have just purchased have a matching bathmat?  This item is good to step out of the shower or tub and keeps most water off the floor.  It can be hung up to dry, plus easy to wash with the matching towels.   Is there still more floor, that you want to cover?  Then it is time to look at rugs.  Some towels and/or shower curtains have matching rug coordinates.  Make sure you know the size of the space you want to cover, so you can purchase the correct size and number of rugs.

Aspen ACC
Bath Accessories

Last on the list is Bathroom Accessories.  These are the Wastebaskets, Tissue Covers, Toothbrush Holders, etc.  Some of these products match Shower Curtains, while others are just designed to stand alone or can compliment your look.  Again many looks and price points are available.  Granted, these products look very nice on the store shelf, but sometimes we can be overwhelmed with what pieces to buy.  Again determine the size of you counter and what you really need or will use.  Don’t’ clutter you counters with unnecessary pieces, you can always add if you feel your space needs it.

Have questions regarding the accessorizing of your bath?  Please comment below.


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