Spring Renewal with a Duvet Cover

It maybe January right now, but soon March will be here, and the thoughts of Spring renewal with it.

What would you like to change within your home?  To bring a feeling of renewal.

How about a new comforter for the master bedroom?   You say it’s not in your budget.

peizli 2
Peizli Duvet Covers by Downtown Company

How about a duvet or comforter cover to give your existing comforter a new look?

These are available in a myriad of colors, patterns & fabrics.  Some are finished with buttons, zippers, and yes, snaps.  Some are washable, while others are dry clean.  Check the label for laundry instructions to find which fits your needs the best.

When choosing the size of the duvet cover, make sure to look at the label on your comforter to know the measurements, as there are many different sizes on the market that are labeled Twin, Full, Queen, or King, but may not fit your comforter properly.  Using the actual measurements will allow you to find a duvet cover with measurements matching those of the comforter, or better yet find one that is slightly smaller than your comforter, allowing for better fill inside the duvet cover.

With a new duvet cover giving you a great look over your existing comforter, will make it easier to set money aside in your budget to get a new comforter fill, whether it be down, silk, wool, or synthetic, without compromising your new look.

Duvet covers are easy to store away – much easier than comforters, plus you can also use this to cover a blanket for the summer month when temperatures warm up.  Duvet covers

Tribeka Sateen Sheets with Embroidery by Kassatex
Tribeka Sateen Duvet Covers with Embroidery by Kassatex

make it easier to have a Summer and Winter look for your bed.

To complete your transformation, you may want new pillow shams, and possibly a bedskirt.

Have questions regarding duvet covers, or need help pulling a look together, please comment below.


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