I always try to do my organizing all at once, and somehow get sidetrack in the middle of it. So I am going to try the 2 – 1 hr sessions a week to rid my office/desk of chaos. If something makes me want to change directions during the session, I will put into a box to use as the starter for my next session .

Get Organized. Get Simple.

So, I hear it all the time, I am too busy to get organized!  Well, in truth, you are actually more efficient when you are busy.  Want to get a space cleared out, plan a party.  Volunteer and then you’ll get busy at your “real” job.  When you have a lot on your plate, you are forced to work more efficient and more effective in the time you do have.  Thirty minutes before you leave the house; those 2 urgent calls that you don’t want to do must get done because there is no time after you leave, so you make the call.

We are all busy.  We all have commitments that we want to do and those we don’t want to do.  Emergencies happen and everything but the critical things are done.  Do you want to get more organized but think you have no time to do it?  Think…

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