Dot Swirl Multi – for those with a color dilemma

Do you have one on those bathrooms that you’re just not sure what to do with?

Sure there are many options to update this bath, but some of those options take time, and sometimes money.

Dot Swirl in multi gives you a shower curtain that coordinates with many different colors of towels, allowing you to put a shine on your bath without a lot of time involved and little money.


Here at Kellsson Home Linens, we have paired the Dot Swirl Shower Curtain in Multi with our Growers Supima Cotton Towels in Teal, Ivory, and Latte, as well as Kassadesign Egyptian Cotton towels in Plum, and All American Supima Cotton towels in Papaya and Pomegranate Red, as shown above.

As you can see these all work with this shower curtain, and there are many others on the market that will work as well.

Will this Dot Swirl Shower Curtain help you update your bath?

Please post your comments below.



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