Bed Pillows or Decorative Throw Pillows in the Bedroom

Need something to dress up your bed?  How about adding some decorative accent throw pillows?

Glamour Throw Pillows

Granted you have bed or sleeping pillows in Down, Down/Feather, or Synthetic fill which make for a cozy, relaxing spot and provide support and comfort for the sleeper, but doesn’t make for nice colorful interesting bed.

Dec PillowsThis is where decorative accent throw pillows come in.  They are available in many shapes and sizes – such as squares, rectangles, and cylinder shapes, which will enhance the look of your bed.

Some of the decorative accent throw pillows come in a 26” x 26” size which is the same size of European Shams.  Dec 26 PillowsIf you want to add a theme/style or just a bit of color splash to your bed, maybe replacing your European shams with these larger pillows might just do it.

Remember, however that most decorative throw pillows are covered in decorative fabric with details such as braids, fringe, beading, and would not be very comfortable to sleep on or use as back support.  There you would definitely want to use bed pillows or European size pillows with smooth pillowcases on them.

Choosing throw pillows that match the overall colors of the bedroom can pull the whole room together, creating a polished and elegant look and the variety of throw pillow shapes can add interest to the bed.

Need help choosing Bed Pillows, please read our Choosing Bed Pillows post.

Have questions, or need help selecting decorative throw pillows to complete your bedroom look, please comment below, and we will try our best to help you.




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