Sheets – an important part to your Bed decor

What you choose to put on your bed is very important.

Before modern factories, bed linens were made at home, a craft that showcased fine needlework and embroidery skills.

Monaco Closeup
Monaco Sheet Sets by DownTown Company

It was not unusual for sheets and pillowcases to be considered household treasures and passed on from mother to daughter as part of a wedding trousseau.

Now of course store-bought sheets have replaced handmade ones and range in quality, design, size and comfort.

Sheets have to be more than functional as we demand choices that are not only practical and stylish but also reflect our personalities.

The right linens can complement and complete the decor of a room and often merely changing your sheets can take a room from summer into winter.

Chelsea Sheet Sets in Gold/Ivory by DownTown Company
Chelsea Sheet Sets in Gold/Ivory by DownTown Company

For years, it has been said that when it comes to sheets, thread count is all important.  But before you decide on a thread count number, consider what look you are hoping to achieve and what pieces would be best in your décor.

Stark colors with a minimalist look would not really work with a country or shabby chic décor, or a pretty floral would look odd with modern furniture.

What are the colors of your walls?  Sheets would be a great way to match or compliment that color.

Already have a comforter, duvet cover, or quilt?  Choose a color within that piece to purchase sheets in order to help the bed make a better décor statement.

400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton by Daniadown
400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton by Daniadown

Okay you got your style figured out – now what?  Sheets can be made from natural or man-made fabrics or a mix of both so you can choose to go either practical or luxurious.

100% cotton is a good everyday pick, as there are a variety of price points and cotton types.

There are also Linen sheets (ideal for hotter climates as they tend to be rather cool), but these require ironing after laundering.

Pillowcases are usually included in sheet sets but follow the same rules if you are buying them separately. It is best to stick with two pillows on a bed and add interest with any scatter cushions and throws you choose.

Now that you’ve invested in your new sheets be sure to look after them to maximize your comfort and their shelf life.

  • Wash weekly and rotate to ensure even wear.
  • Spot-treat stains and use gentle oxygen bleach not chlorine bleach (as this eats away at fibers).
  • Use a mild eco-friendly detergent.
  • Wash in warm rather than hot water.
  • Try to line dry if you can.  Otherwise tumble dry on a low setting.  Take out just before totally dry and fold to eliminate wrinkles.
  • Ironing is optional.

Have questions regarding sheets or finding the right style for you, please comment below and we will assist you in getting the right products.


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