Bringing that Staycation Feel Home

Have you recently stayed at a hotel where it made you want to bring that look home?

You know what I am talking about.  That beautiful bed in white linens.  Makes you think of Bamboo Bed Whitesleeping on a cloud.

This look and feel can easily be done in your home.  This basic beautiful bed has white sheets (flat and fitted), pillowcases, comforter with duvet cover.  Shams and bedskirts are plus to completing the look.

First, look at your linen inventory.  Do you have white sheets, duvet cover, and/or bedskirt?  What about a comforter to insert in the duvet cover?

Let’s get started.  If you want to use a bedskirt, then start by placing that on the boxspring below the mattress.  Then replace the mattress and add a mattress pad.  If you have a thick mattress pad or featherbed, this would make the bed more luxurious. Once the mattress pad or featherbed is on, put on the fitted sheet and flat sheet (make sure to tuck in the corners so the sheet does not hang below the duvet cover).  hotel making bedThen stuff the comforter into the duvet cover and place on top of the bed.  Last stuff the pillowcases with pillows.  If possible tuck the ends in so it gives you a more tailored look.  If you have shams, add those as well.

Staycation Scarf 2
Bed with Decorative Blanket Throw

At this point the bed is done.  However, if

Bed with Decorative Throw Pillows
Bed with Decorative Throw Pillows

you would like to add some color to create you own special look with this, add some decorative pillows, or you can add a scarf at the foot of the bed.  You can purchase a scarf, but if you have a decorative throw, a table runner, or a piece of fabric that can be hemmed, these work just as well.  Allow your imagination to create your special staycation retreat.

Have questions in creating your special space?  Comment below and we will try to help you get the look you desire.


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