Temperature – Makes all the Difference when Sleeping

As Summer comes to a close, and I look at all the rain we have recently had in Colorado, it got me to thinking about cooler temperatures, and yes, Winter.

During the Summer months, we were constantly fighting the warmer temperatures at night plus increase in humidity.  Sometimes an air conditioner works to cool off a room, but sometimes it isn’t enough to keep our bodies at an optimal temperature for quality sleep.

Researchers believe sleeping in a cooler bed is better for REM or dream sleep, while warmer beds are wonderful during cold weather.  But how do you achieve this?

Today, I read an article about a new technology for a mattress pad with water running through it to help get that optimal temperature.  However, if you are cold when you go to bed and have this mattress pad warming up your bed, how does it sense you are warm enough and start to cool down?

ISO Cool Mattress Pad by Carpenter
ISO Cool Mattress Pad by Carpenter

The mattress pad we used the last 3 months, has a technology from NASA which actually senses when you get warm and moves that warmth away from you into cells to use when it senses you are cold.  It is the ISO Cool mattress pad from Carpenter, and we found that we had more comfortable sleep during that time.  And there is no water component to worry about.  Click here to read more about this technology.

However, because of the cooler temperatures we have recently had due to the excessive rain, I have switched back to our Winter, or Hotel Mattress pad.

Hotel Mattress Pad
Hotel Mattress Pad

This is like adding a featherbed to your mattress, without the feathers, plus creates a warmer bed for those cold winter months.

So we now have a Fall/Winter/Spring mattress pad and a Summer mattress pad, which helps us get better sleep year round.

Have more questions on how to cool down your bed, or about mattress pads, please comment below.



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