2014 Color Trend – Techno Color

Technology is all around us and with its continuing advancement is now impacting the world of home interior design and expanding the color universe through a melding of both vibrant and deep hues frequently used in the reflective surfaces of Ipads, smartphones, and yes, laptop computers.

Techno Color Palette
Techno Color Palette

Are you a techie and would like to have your bedroom fashion reflect your style?

We here at Kellsson Home Linens are always studying the new color trends and figuring out what products we offer that would fit into these trends making it easier for you our customer to update your look.

Nitobe Duvet Set by Daniadown

Like for this particular trend, you can choose our Nitobe Duvet Set from Daniadown.

Granted it is a softer look to what you would consider a techie look, but remember when it comes to the bedroom, you want a relaxing feel to the room, making it easier to wind down from using technology all day and sleep.

Adding different colored sheets from our

400 TC Sheets by Daniadown
400 TC Sheets by Daniadown

400 TC collection  will add another depth of color to this ensemble.

Do you have questions regarding this collection of colors?  Are you looking for something different?  Do you want help in coordinating sheets with bedding?

At Kellsson Home Linens, we are ready to assist you.  Leave your questions below, and we will do our best to help you with your needs and or price range.



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