Having a Hard Time Adjusting to Daylight Savings Time?

Each Spring we find ourselves turning our clocks forward by one hour. For some of us, that one hour tends to disrupt our sleeping routines we had in place for the Winter months, and now we need to re-set it for the Spring/Summer months, making sure we get the amount of sleep we need.Beyond Down Pillow

The Better Sleep Council has a list of 10 tips you can do to help survive the Daylight Savings Time.

The last tip on their list is to evaluate your mattress and bed pillows. Make sure you have proper comfort and support. We don’t know much about mattresses here at Kellsson Home Linens, but we do know pillows.

Most of us get about 7 hours of sleep a night – that is 2,555 hours spent on your pillow in 1 years’ time. Imagine all the yuck that has sunk into that pillow. Maybe it is time for a new bed pillow.

Maybe Daylight Savings Time should be your cue to replace your bed pillows and start re-evaluating all your other bed linens.

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