Season of Renewal

I was out walking my dog, Snowflake, as I do every morning, but since it is Sunday, we go a bit later when the sun in shining.

I noticed that the tulips are sending up their leaves in my flower bed in the front of our house, and so I decided to look at the flower bed on the backside of our house, as it gets more sunshine.  Here is what greeted me.


That got me to thinking, that even though Spring is still over 5 weeks away, Mother Nature does not read a calendar, but rather does what feels right.  Like send Crocus to bloom when temperatures are warm enough for a few days.

To see these young blooms amongst the decaying leaves of my Cannas from last Summer, made me start thinking that now is a good time to start taking inventory of old items within my house that needs to have some youth added to them.

Take my bedroom, now would be a good time to replace old bed pillows, possibly a new mattress pads, and take a look at my sheets to see if they can survive another 6 months.  Maybe even look at giving my Bedding a new look with new throw pillows, whether print to go with solids, or solids to go with prints.

The bath…maybe it is time to get a new bright colored shower curtain, or maybe some new colored towels (every season a new color palette comes out in towels) that would liven up your current look.

The rest of the house, I do as I feel is right, like Mother Nature.


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