NEW Buyer’s Club Membership

Looking for a better price on Bed & Bath Linens?

Kellsson Home Linens has created a Buyer’s Club membership.

Buyer's Club Card

This membership entitles the buyer to,

  • 20% off each and every purchase for 12 months, except Buyer’s Club Memberships.
  • No minimum purchase required
  • Will receive email with special code to use for 20% off during checkout right away
  • A magnetic membership card will be mailed out to you (to keep visible) for future orders on our website
  • 12 months to receive 20% discount on every order placed at Kellsson Home Linens
  • Entitles Members Only – an email with a special discount on new products added to website for Limited Time
  • Entitles Members Only – quarterly bonuses of 30% off everything, except Buyer’s Club Memberships, on website
  • Will receive 4 Gift Cards for 20% off anything on website, except Buyer’s Club Memberships, to share with Family & Friends
  • Non-Transferable
  • Non-Refundable

We know money can be tight and offer this membership as a way to purchase products at a discount when it is more convenient for you, plus you can purchase in smaller quantities over 12 months time, which are more budget friendly.


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