Combat Falling Temperatures and Rising Energy Bills

Over the weekend, we saw a huge crowd of people looking at the Aspen leaves in their full Fall color glory.

Kenosha Pass, Colorado

This is Mother Nature’s way of saying that Fall is here and Winter is not far behind, and the night temperatures are dropping significantly.  In fact, it drops 40 degrees from the daytime, making us keep a jacket close by when the Sun goes down.  The Air conditioner is running less, but soon the Furnace will start kicking on to keep the house warm at night.

With that said, it got me to thinking about the large energy bills that will begin to land in my mailbox for the next 6 months, and to be honest, I am not looking forward to it.  So it is time to plan for how best to keep warm while lowering the thermostat to save some money over the next couple of months.

Since most of the time at night is spent in bed, now would be a good time to inspect your comforters, blankets, coverlets, or any other bed coverings you use, to see if they can make another year, or time to replace, and donate the old items to an animal shelter (to keep homeless animals warm during the winter).

Hotel Villa
Hotel Villa Down Comforter

Yes, these items cost some money at first, but with proper care, can last several years.  A good down comforter with proper care, can last up to 10 years.  Just imagine the money saved on your energy bill over the life of a good down comforter.

How do you keep the warmth and comfort in your home?  Watching TV, reading, working on your laptop or texting on your new I-phone…do you wrap up in a blanket or blanket throw?

Have other ideas to keep comfort in your home, please comment below.


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