National Sleep Comfort Month

Most of us love to sleep, but that doesn’t mean we get enough of it, and even if we do it doesn’t mean it’s good quality. November is National Sleep Comfort Month, so it’s a perfect time to make some changes to how and when you sleep. Get your pillow and blanket ready to use – or throw out depending on their condition – and prepare yourself to get a more restful night’s sleep.


Eliminate Light

After watching Dr. Oz the other day, regarding Brain Fog, one of his guest suggested that all sources of light should be eliminated, whether it’s on the DVR, or other electronics. If you find light coming into your room whether it is the sunrise or those nights with a Full Moon, it is disrupting your sleep. You may need to invest into curtains or other window coverings to eliminate that light during your sleep.

Regulate your body temperature

Do you find yourself sweating during the night, or maybe colder than your should be? This would also be a good time to review what type of sheets you are sleeping in. A simple change in the blend of the sheets, could easily keep your temperature regulated. A fiber that wicks away moisture (cause of heat and cold) such as Bamboo, Tencel or Microfiber would be a great place to start.

Also, determine if your comforter or blanket are the right type for you. Down comforters especially, come in Summer weights, Winter Weights, and Year Round weights. Choose the wrong one, and it will cause you to be hot or cold.

Blankets can also be a factor, especially if you use a thermal (has holes in it). If you put it under another blanket or comforter, it will be warmer as the holes trap warm air. If you put the blanket on top of another blanket or comforter, it will be cooler, as there is nothing to trap warm air.

Invest in new items

Not only using the wrong linens or using the ones you have incorrectly, can cause issues that disrupt your sleep, but uncomfortable pillows, mattress pads, and even the quality and condition of your mattress is especially important. For National Sleep Comfort Month, ditch those old items and treat yourself to some new ones.

Alpine Loft by DownTown Company
Alpine Loft by DownTown Company

These changes are simple enough that they can be done fairly easily, but they can create big improvements in the long-term. National Sleep Comfort Month can be a changing point for you to make some adjustments and drastically improve your quality of sleep.


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