Hormone Therapy

Are you one of those people, that wake up in the middle of the night, or in my case the wee hours of the morning, just before dawn, uncomfortably hot & sweaty?

It could be the hormones as we age, but it could also be the type of sheets you are sleeping in, contributing to this issue. This goes for Women and Men.hot flash

Cotton is a great fabric, but when you begin to perspire, the cotton tends to absorb the moisture, but because of its nature, it tends to hold onto that excess sweat, and remains damp, therefore causing you to become more uncomfortable as the night wears on. And this dampness will cause you to be hotter during the summer months, or when your body tends to warm up, it will also make you colder during the winter months, or as your body cools down.

If this is a problem you deal with on a nightly basis, and have not found any remedies to relieve this issue, then maybe now is the time to review your bed linens, and look for some new options to try out.ffw-hotflashes

For me, I have found Bamboo sheets are great to sleep on, as the properties of Bamboo wick away moisture 1 ½ times quicker than cotton, and dry quickly. In fact, many companies in the Ski industry are using Bamboo in their base layers…allowing one to remain comfortable and dry under their skiwear, keeping them warmer in frigid temperatures.

Recently, though I have started sleeping on Microfiber sheets and find that they are similar to Bamboo, but with a much lower price point. These sheets keep me warm throughout the night…and it has been pretty cold here in Colorado, but they do not make me sweat. Microfiber wicks away moisture much quicker than cotton, but also dries quicker than cotton, so does not remain damp, keeping us comfortable during the night.

If your hormone therapies are not working as well as you would like, then maybe it is time to add some Bamboo or Microfiber sheets and pillowcases to your fight.


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